Consultants in wind engineering
and fluid dynamics (CFD)

Wind Engineering

Actiflow provides wind engineering services including pedestrian wind microclimate assessments and wind loading studies, using wind tunnels and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Wind is a powerful natural force that can affect the structural integrity of buildings and the comfort and safety of pedestrians in the built environment. At Actiflow, we have more than 15 years of experience in wind assessments on buildings and masterplan developments. Our clientele spans architects, developers, engineers and planning authorities. Our services extend across the UK, Gibraltar, the Netherlands, Belgium, and beyond. Key benefits of our work:

  • Identify and mitigate wind issues in an early design phase

  • Interactive mitigation and design optimization

  • Comply with official codes and guidelines

  • Cost-effective design

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Wind microclimate

Assessment of pedestrian wind comfort and safety & Preparing Environmental Statement (ES chapter)

Wind loading

Wind tunnel study to determine wind loading on buildings

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The history of Actiflow

The history of Actiflow goes back to 2005, when the company was founded as a spin off from Delft University of Technology.

Our kick off project involved the introduction of an active flow control system for vehicles. Through the years, Actiflow gained lots of experience in the automotive industry, cooperating with large OEMs in the aerodynamic development of new cars and in the optimization of their wind tunnel experiments.

Parallel to our activities in automotive, Actiflow started in 2007 offering flow analysis and consulting services in many other industries, like the building industry, the process industry, the medical industry and the high tech sector. Mainly our activities in the building industry were very successful and were growing rapidly.

In 2014, it was decided to set up a team dedicated to flow simulations for the built environment. As such, Actiflow Building Physics was born. While Actiflow Building Physics was focussing on the built environment, Actiflow Product Development could focus on our R&D activities in the other industries.

Over the years, Actiflow has grown into a respected knowledge and development partner for its customers. In a team of engineers and experts in fluid dynamics, high end knowledge of gas and liquid flows is turned into clear advice for the functional improvement of buildings, products and systems.