About us

We are a team of experts with a unique knowledge in fluid dynamics

Team of experts

Our team consists of engineers and consultants with a background in fluid dynamics and CFD, combined with expertise in building physics, product development, measurement & control, optimization and prototyping. To support our services, we have a large HPC cluster and we have access to several test facilities.

Thanks to our internal R&D and our good relationship with several Dutch universities, we stay up-to-date and we are aware of the latest knowledge, innovations and technologies. This is how we come up with the most innovative solutions and contribute to our customers’ success.

Let us introduce ourselves

Eric Terry

Managing director

It is a pleasure to be managing director of Actiflow. As one of the founders, I saw the company grow into a team of 13 brilliant engineers and consultants specialized in fluid dynamics. As managing director, I’m responsible for the overall results of the company. On a daily basis, I’m mostly involved in the sales and acquisition of our largest product development projects.

Reinier Maas

Manager building physics

In my role as manager building physics I am the link between Actiflows clients and engineers for projects related to the built environment. We’d like to be close to our customers and part of the design team. Therefore I value a strong personal relationship with our clients as a base for honest feedback on quality, time and budget.

Florieke Waegemakers

MGMT and MKTG assistant

For many customers, we are a self-evident partner, but not everyone knows how to find us. Together with my colleagues I put this wonderful company on the market. I am also responsible for the entire back office at Actiflow. My days are filled with finance, HR, facility and reception duties. So, if you call us, chances are you will get me on the phone and I’ll be happy to help you!

Roland Broers

Senior CFD engineer

Being able to combine my fascination of airplanes, engineering and computers, plus a healthy dose of mathematics, is what challenges me about working as an aerodynamicist and CFD-engineer.

Tom Fahner

Senior CFD engineer

Already from a young age, I have been admiring the way fluids interact with our environment. This fascination led me to study aerodynamics in University and I am happy to study this in professional life as well.

Ragiel Wildvank

Building physics engineer

Shirin Masoudi

Building physics engineer

With a background in architecture and building technology, I am interested in understanding how fluid dynamics, particularly of wind and natural ventilation, can influence architecture and shape the built environment, with the aim of achieving efficient and sustainable buildings perfectly integrated in the surroundings.

Oskar van Dijk

Senior Design Engineer

While still a student at Delft Technical University I got the opportunity to design and build a race car on solar power, parts for formula student racing car, a kayak for the Olympic games and to round it all up: part of a Ferrari. This last project was the start of my involvement with Actiflow and since the beginning my personal interests and the growth of the company have been in harmony. I like to be challenged by projects I haven’t done before, and prefer the more complex puzzles.

Leroy Kuijsters

CAD Engineer

3D CAD modeling is my passion, the buildings and their interesting environment
make every new project a fun challenge. I myself am excited to contribute to the
development of a house / complex that will be built in the future.



Are you the one we are looking for? As a growing organization we are always open to new talent. Find out if we have any vacancies and if not, please feel free to send us an open application.

The history of Actiflow

The history of Actiflow goes back to 2005, when the company was founded as a spin off from Delft University of Technology.

Our kick off project involved the introduction of an active flow control system for vehicles. Through the years, Actiflow gained lots of experience in the automotive industry, cooperating with large OEMs in the aerodynamic development of new cars and in the optimization of their wind tunnel experiments.

Parallel to our activities in automotive, Actiflow started in 2007 offering flow analysis and consulting services in many other industries, like the building industry, the process industry, the medical industry and the high tech sector. Mainly our activities in the building industry were very successful and were growing rapidly.

In 2014, it was decided to set up a team dedicated to flow simulations for the built environment. As such, Actiflow Building Physics was born. While Actiflow Building Physics was focussing on the built environment, Actiflow Product Development could focus on our R&D activities in the other industries.

Over the years, Actiflow has grown into a respected knowledge and development partner for its customers. In a team of engineers and experts in fluid dynamics, high end knowledge of gas and liquid flows is turned into clear advice for the functional improvement of buildings, products and systems.