Sluishuis – Amsterdam

At the request of developer VORM, a wind study was carried out for the development of Sluishuis in Amsterdam.

The Sluishuis is a new landmark with iconic design on the river IJ in Amsterdam. Barcode Architects in collaboration with renowned Danish studio BIG Architects led by Bjarke Ingels created classical courtyard building, but with an interesting twist – towards the water the block is lifted creating an opening allowing daylight, water and small boats enter the courtyard. Sluis huis offeres zero-energy apartments, bar-restaurant, public roof top and even space for up to 30 houseboats.

Actiflow was asked by developer VORM to assess the impact of Sluishuis on the local pedestrian wind comfort, because locations near the water often experience higher wind speeds than inner-city locations due to undisturbed wind flow over the water. Therefore, it was important to ensure safe and comfortable wind conditions around the building.

The study focused on several aspects related to the pedestrian wind comfort. Our wind experts provided insight into the effect of Sluishuis on the pedestrian wind comfort and safety in the surrounding public space, as well as the wind comfort on the jetties, the pier, balconies, and roof terraces. Together with the landscape architects from BIG Architects the design was optimized to create the ideal experience of this iconic building in the river IJ.

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