Project Description

Olympic track bike

With several partners Actiflow developed a new olympic track bike.

For the Olympic Games of 2020 in Tokyo, Actiflow is responsible for the aerodynamic design of the track bike for the Dutch Olympic team. In a cooperation with Koga, the KNWU, Delft University and Pontis Engineering, a bike is developed that will make the difference.

Actiflow designed the bike using scanning technology and extensive state-of-the-art computer simulations. Moreover, a prototype was built and tested in the wind tunnel. The test results confirmed the simulation results: the new bike is significantly faster than the old bike, and also faster than the bikes of our competitors.

In the next few months, Actiflow will continue working on the development of the bicycle. The focus will mainly be on the detailled engineering and on the production. In spring 2019, the riders will each receive their new personalized bike, so they still have plenty of time to get used to the new bike before the Olympics in Tokyo 2020.

To make this challenging project more insightful, the KNWU has made a website on which you can follow the project: On this website you will find information about the project, but also about all developments of the Dutch track cycling towards the Olympic Games in 2020.