Medical equipment

Analysis and design of medical equipment in which gas or liquid flows have a functional role.

At Actiflow, we add value to any medical product in which gas or liquid flows have a functional role. In the past, we worked on child incubators, respiratory equipment, blood heating, OR downflow systems, etc.

For manufacturers of medical equipment we provide our knowledge of fluid dynamics and in cooperation with your R&D team we help to find conceptual solutions that work, but we can also lead the development process until a working prototype is reached.

We use flow simulations to check the feasibility of conceptual solutions and designs, but more than in any other sector, validation through prototyping and measurements is crucial. At Actiflow, we have a network of partners for prototyping our solutions, and (flow) measurements are performed in house. We have several airflow measurement devices at our disposal for a wide range of airspeeds.

In the medical field, it comes down to the details, and therefore, the control algorithms of the internal fan(s) are usually very complex. We help our customers to find the right system components, and we develop and test the required control software. We have the know-how to perform measurement campaigns that meet the requirements set out in the standards.

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