In the autumn of 2019, Actiflow is organizing a master class for policymakers and municipal officials.
During this master class you will learn about wind in the urban environment.
These subject will be covered:

  • Wind in the city: How does wind behave around a building and the surrounding environment. What is the effect of high-rise buildings and greenery in the city? How can wind play a role in policy plans and building decisions? Is it necessary to develop a vision with regard to wind in your municipality?
  • National standard NEN8100: You will be informed about the norm and the background of this standard including concepts such as wind comfort and wind hazard.
  • Wind studies: How do you interpret the results of a wind study based on simulations, or a study conducted in the wind tunnel? What are the limitations of both methods? What do the standard images that are presented in a wind study mean? How do you enter into a discussion with developers or architects about this topic?

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