How it works?

What is the Actiflow wind tool?


To access our platform, you will have to register first. We will mainly ask you for your contact details and company name, and to choose a password.

Onboarding call2

Within 3 working days after registration, you will be contacted to schedule an onboarding call with us. During this call, we would like to know you a bit better, we would like to understand your expectations, and we will explain you how the wind tool works. This way, we aim to make your experience with the tool as smooth as possible. After the call, you will be able to log in and use the tool.

Buy credits3

To use the tool, you will have to buy credits. These credits will be invoiced the way we agreed during our call. We offer 2 types of credits: assessment credits and (technical) support credits. For more information about credits and pricing, please go to “pricing”.

Run a wind assessment4

As soon as you have assessment credits, you can run your own wind assessment:

  • Define project and/or design variant
    You can easily structure your work by defining a project, and then add one or more design variants per project.
  • Upload 3D model and select suitable project location properties
    Per project / design variant, you will be asked to upload a 3D model of your building and optionally a separate 3D model of the surrounding buildings. Furthermore, we will ask you for the project location and some parameters that describe the surrounding area.

  • Run the assessment
    After providing us with your input, you can request your wind assessment. Although the process is completely automated, we will manually check your input, to make sure it complies with the simulation requirements, so you don’t waste credits on useless results. The assessment typically takes a few hours. During this process, we will inform you about the progress in our online platform.

  • Study and compare results
    As soon as the results are available, we will send you an email. The results can be visualized and downloaded in our platform. The results will be presented according to the norm/guideline that you selected in advance. However, as our online tool is specifically optimized for early-stage assessments, the methodology behind the tool does not fully comply with all criteria of this norm. Therefore, the results can mainly be used for design purposes, and to make sure that your final design will meet the official requirements. The results of our online tool cannot directly be used for permit/planning applications. For customers with a subscription, all results will be stored and will stay available on the platform.

Optional: Request support5

If you would have problems using the tool, or you would like us to help you with the interpretation of results, you can always contact us through the platform. Questions about the use of the wind assessment tool (user support) will be answered free of charge. For professional support, we charge support credits. The number of credits we charge depends on the time we spend to help you. 1 credit stands for 15 minutes of our expert’s time. For each support request, we charge a minimum of 1 credit. Clients with a subscription have 10 hours (40 credits) of technical support free of charge.

Our professional support includes the following services:

  • A call to help you understand the results shown in the wind assessment tool

  • Advice with respect to variations or mitigation measures to solve any wind issues shown in the results

  • Produce additional pictures or illustrations of the results, which are not part of the standard output presented in the wind assessment tool platform (for a description of the standard output, check the FAQ section)

  • Assist in the preparation of the 3D CAD drawings that need to be uploaded in the wind assessment tool

  • Write a report or note describing the results, conclusions and/or recommendations

  • Discuss or set-up wind assessments for you which are outside the scope of the wind assessment tool (the exact scope and limitations of the tool can be found in the FAQ section)

Both user support and professional support can always be requested through the portal. Processing of support requests will only happen during our office hours, from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 and 17:00 (CET). We’ll do our best to react to your support request ultimately the next business day.