Red Bull has been giving wings to the Jumbo Visma skating team for years, as a sponsor, but especially as a partner for organizing innovative events. This time the team came up with a very nice question: make sure that our skaters go through the corner faster than they have ever gone before during training!

Red Bull came to Actiflow for this challenge. We were asked to develop a system of fans that would make wind in Thialf. We have assembled fans based on the wishes of the skating team and various system configurations were tested virtually using simulations.

While the heat broke all records last summer, our engineers were on the Thialf ice rink. After months of preparation it was time! Both individually and in group, the sprinters completed their laps, with the aim of cutting the second corner at a speed above 60 km / h, and with success! It went fast, but it also became clear that a bend speed of more than 60 km / h requires an adaptation of the technique, and perhaps even of the material.

The Jumbo Visma team is very enthusiastic about the event and the cooperation between Red Bull and Actiflow is great!

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