Prototyping & testing

design prototypes, outsource the production of prototypes, 3D printing, functional testing, (airflow) measurements, wind tunnel measurements, test flow control software, run tests or measurements for certification, customer review.

As most of our projects involve gas or liquid flows, Actiflow has access to suitable facilities and measurement equipment to analyze the flow properties of almost any product or system. We have extensive experience in both internal and external flows. The production of prototypes is mostly outsourced to one of our partners, while we focus on the measurements and the interpretation of the measurement data. Also measurements on existing systems and installations in the field are part of our work. For developments in aerodynamics, we have access to several wind tunnels in the Netherlands and abroad. For some applications, Actiflow has the authority to perform official measurements for certification purposes. Please contact us to inform about the possibilities.

Our projects – prototyping & testing