Indoor skydiving is a fun way to discover the joy of human flight, without the risks and the stress of jumping out of an airplane. In order to fly and experience the real sensation of free fall, multiple gigantic fans are pushing the air through a large wind tunnel, reaching speeds of up to 300 km/h in the flight chamber.

For the development of our tunnel designs, we use our high-end expertise in aerospace technology, aerodynamic design, flow simulations, engineering, software development and control system design. During the years, we developed our own innovative solutions to reduce the noise and wake created at the door of the tunnel, and to reduce the minimum height of a wind tunnel.

We can deliver standard turn-key projects, but our custom wind tunnel design service makes us unique in the market. Depending on our customer’s wishes and requirements, we develop custom tunnel designs with optimized performance and minimal energy consumption.

We deliver our tunnels turn-key, but at Actiflow, you can also just buy the technical design and equipment, and build the tunnel construction with your own partners.