Urban Interactive District, Amsterdam

At the request of Cauberg Huygen and Developer OMC, a wind study was carried out for the development of the Urban Interactive District.

Urban Interactive District is a new development of four building blocks at a vacant space next to the Johan Cruijff Arena and the AFAS Live. These four blocks include a variety of commercial activities (shopping, restaurants, theatre, offices) and residential areas (apartments and student housing). This project can only succeed if people visiting this area feel comfortable and want to stay for a large amount of time. A small, but not unimportant, part of feeling comfortable is determined by the wind climate. In 2019 Actiflow was asked by Cauberg Huygen and developer OMC to give insight in the wind climate that could be expected and if needed to advice on measures to optimize the experience of visitors.

Actiflow worked in close cooperation with the architects of the building blocks and the landscape designer to ensure that the resulting wind climate is in line with the guidelines. In this process the building volumes were optimized and awnings were added.

Additionally Actiflow performed wind tunnel measurements to determine quasi-static wind loading and cladding wind loading. The results from these measurements were used by the structural engineer to optimize the structural design of the building blocks.