Project Windscape – Tulip

Actiflow developed several wind turbine concepts for the urban environment

Built on our R&D experience in the wind turbine sector, Actiflow developed several wind turbine concepts for the urban environment.

The turbines that are currently on the market are often seen by the main public as industrial or even as “pollution” of the horizon. Smaller turbines are perceived as being dangerous due to their high rotational speed.

The goal of our project was to develop a turbine with an attractive design, without diminishing its aerodynamic efficiency and as such its energy yield.

In the initial phase of the project, several concepts were developed for installation at the pier of Scheveningen (NL), but eventually, the Tulip was selected as the best overall compromise between aesthetical design and energy production.

The Tulip is a 18m high vertical axis wind turbine, which combines aerodynamic efficiency with an architectural design approach. This turbine is slowly rotating, noiseless and decorative, all factors which are essential for acceptance in populated areas. This highly visual product is a perfect landmark for sustainable companies, carbon neutral areas and educational institutions. The first edition is designed for a rated power of 5 Kilowatt, and a yearly energy yield of up to 9.4 MWh, which is enough to power several households.