New Built Residence Zuidzicht

Together with B2Ai, Actiflow designed several wind screens and determined their effect in additional simulations

Kolmont Woonprojecten is a Belgian real estate developer that has a clear vision on how to develop good neighbourhoods to live, work and relax. This vision is used in the development of residence Zuidzicht.

The architect of Residence Zuidzicht is B2Ai. They created three buildings at a prime site in Hasselt. The buildings are located at the Blauwe Boulevard with views on the marina and surrounded by luxury boutiques, stylish restaurants and attractive terraces. The buildings incorporate commercial spaces at ground level, apartments above and the building is completed with penthouses at the top floors.

These penthouses come with a large roof terrace and a swimming pool. Kolmont Woonprojecten asked Actiflow to give insight in the level of wind comfort on these terraces and near the pools. This needs to ensure that these private outdoor spaces can be used comfortably without negative impact due to the wind.

The local wind climate is studied using wind flow analysis for three wind directions which are prevailing in occurrence and speed. The analysis lead to measures to assure a comfortable wind climate. Together with B2Ai, Actiflow designed several wind screens and determined there effect in additional simulations.

The results were used by Kolmont Woonprojecten as an additional selling point for the penthouses. Actiflow therefor contributed to the comfort of future residents and the value of the development.

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