Nuna solar vehicle

Achieving minimal air resistance is crucial for the design of the Nuna, a vehicle running on solar energy, developed by students of Delft University of Technology.

Nuon Solar Team is a Solar Vehicle racing team based at Delft University of Technology. The team  participates in the ‘World Solar Challenge’ (WSC), a 3,000-km solar-powered car race across Australia.

The vehicle drives on solar power only, with the help of a small battery as buffer, and reaches velocities between 70 and 120 km/h. During the event in Australia, these vehicles get a temporary permit to drive on normal roads in between normal traffic, and drives under the usual traffic conditions. As such it can be considered a plausible people transporter.

Actiflow worked with the Nuon Solar Team on the aerodynamic design of several editions of the Nuna Solar Car. There has been a warm relation between Actiflow and Nuon Solar team ever since the start of our company. Several of our employees are Nuon Solar Team alumni, this might have something to do with it.

Shaping aerodynamic bodies to perfection, setting up iteration after iteration,  but also with raw computing power when the development time starts to run out. When it comes to solar vehicles, we feel like fish in the water.

Nuon Solar Team has won the World Solar Challenge 6 times, and has come in second 2 times, just after the Solar Vehicle of Tokai University. We are proud to have been part of this success story, and we hope many successful future vehicles will follow.