Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Optimization of Aerodynamic performance of the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Actiflow works in partnership with Lamborghini on the development of aerodynamic performance parts, and in this specific project parts for the Sesto Elemento model. The Sesto Elemento is a small series high performance vehicle of which only 20 models have been produced. At launch these vehicles were the most exclusive and expensive  models ever produced by Lamborghini. Launched with a price tag of above 2 million euro.

In projects like this, the lead times are short, the targets not well defined, but the performance (downforce, balance, drag, cooling) most be improved by large steps without hurting the original design proposal. A lot of work must be done based on work-in-progress information and models, this means creativity and can-do mentality are cornerstones of the initial simulations.

As underbody flow specialists we found aerodynamic opportunities under the vehicle. We improved the downforce performance mainly out of sight. Interior flow, intercooler dynamics and brake cooling are also areas that were improved by providing more airflow to these parts.

The rear wing, as drafted by the design team, has been reworked into an aerodynamic high performance part based on airfoils, local curvature, and envelope of its cross sections over the span width. As a prominent large part of the visible vehicle this is a logical area where optimization can lead to large gains, but it is not an easy task to improve without making the combination of vehicle and wing look odd and out of place. Several directions have been explored ranging from conservative tweaks to pure performance alternatives, including multi element variants.

A lot of our work on the Sesto Elemento can be spotted in the wild. If you are lucky enough to encounter one of the twenty models…