Babybloom incubator

Actiflow is partner of BabyBloom in developing the world’s first child and parent friendly incubator

The incubator protects the child from harmful light and sound stimuli from outside, but also produces less sound on the inside than existing incubators. Besides that, the incubator is very ergonomic for both parents and nursing staff.

Actiflow developed a completely new climate system for the incubator which differs from existing incubators both in structure and in noise production, and which meets the strict legal standards and demands of the high-end incubator market. In order to reduce the noise production to a minimum, this aspect has been taken into account from the first conceptual design phase. Sketches, CFD flow simulations and prototyping have been used to find the best design solutions.

The design of the Babybloom incubator has been awarded with a Red Dot Design Award in early 2011, as “best of the best” in the category “product design”.