Constant volume controller

Actiflow developed a new mechanical constant volume controller

For a Dutch customer, Actiflow developed a new mechanical constant volume controller for an volume flow range between 40 and 200 m3/h. Independent of the pressure difference over the valve, this unit will keep the volume flow constant in a passive way, without any external energy supply.

The controller has a leaf spring directly on the shaft with 2 different stops. The desired flow rate can be adjusted by turning these 2 stops. The valve axis is 4 mm asymmetrical for a higher control moment. The imbalance in weight of the valve due to the asymmetry is compensated, so that the valve will have the same behaviour in all orientations.

During this project, all phases of product development were carried out: analysis, concept design and functional optimization, including prototyping. The final engineering for production and assembly is carried out by our customer.

Based on the test results with the latest prototype, we proved to achieve a control accuracy of 5 percent in the desired range (40 to 200 m3/h).