City Skydive

Actiflow delivered the full technical design of the 2 wind tunnels

Actiflow Skydive Tunnel City Skydive

Actiflow delivered the full technical design of the 2 wind tunnels, including the monitoring and control hardware and software. Minimum turbulence, uniform flow, an exhilarating jump, efficient cooling and low energy consumption were all on the wish list.

Within 2 months, Actiflow delivered the first conceptual design of the tunnels. Within 6 months, we delivered the detailed design of the tunnel construction to the manufacturer, including the specs of all required hardware. Parallel to the construction works, we supported the manufacturer and we developed the monitoring and control system. Which consists of both hardware and software to:

  • visualize the current state of the tunnels
  • control the wind tunnel fans
  • log all customer data and tunnel operations
  • enable efficient emergency procedures
Indoor Skydiving

The result is a system that displaces about 1000 m3/s of air, generating airspeeds of up to 300 km/h, powered by multi megawatt fans and a structure of more than 30 meters tall: this is easily the largest product we designed.

The City Skydive center in Utrecht is unique because it is the world’s first skydive center with two 14 feet tunnels. The building itself is designed by Elefant Architects. Constructed from mostly glass, it provides a nice view for the skydivers on the surrounding area.