Avebe – Chromatography column

Using CFD simulations, Actiflow provided insight into the flow in a chromatography column.

Avebe is a cooperation, which is worldy wide active in producing and supplying products based on potato starch and potato protein for its use in food, paper, construction, textiles and adhesives.

For Avebe we viewed the flow in a chromatography column in cooperation with our partner Bodec. The potato juice is being led through these columns to bind the proteins. It is important that the flow rate is as uniform as possible to get a good quality of the final product.

Insight was provided on how design choices affect the uniformity of the flow through the column (inclusively and exclusively the adsorbent particles) using CFD simulations. Therefore, the results of CFD simulations could be compared to measurements in practice, so that there was reliance in the solution found with CFD. In addition, empirical relationships determined by Bodec were also found in the 3D CFD simulations.