Dune Almere

At the request of developer Amvest, a wind study was carried out for the development of Dune Almere.

Almere Dune is a new residential area under construction located on the west side of Almere. This new residential area has the unique character of being located in the dunes with the accompanying style and feeling. Part of the district consists of low-rise buildings in the form of semi-detached single-family homes. Close to the water, the buildings become more dense and a relatively large number of higher residential buildings are included. These buildings are also located in the dune landscape.

Actiflow was asked by Amvest to provide insight into the local wind climate, so that the design of the new buildings and the landscape can be optimized for comfortable use. The location requires a specific approach. Because of its location, structure and character, Dune will have a similar experience to a location on the coast. The wind climate therefore has similar challenges: undisturbed oncoming wind over the Lake IJ, high-rise buildings a short distance from the water and the desire to be able to walk, cycle and stay comfortably on terraces for a long time. Therefore, at the start of the wind study, performance requirements were drawn up that correspond to a wind climate as can be expected on the coast: leeward zones where long-term comfortable staying is possible, temperate zones where less critical activities can be undertaken, but also windy zones. Areas where you can get a breath of fresh air. In addition, it was important to have a safe wind climate at the entrances of the residential buildings.

Not only the location, different heights of the buildings and the functionality make this project special, but also the size of the modeled area. For example, Actiflow has drawn up a model for this wind study that is very large in terms of size, with an explicitly modeled area of approximately 1 km². This makes it possible to consider the wind climate within Dune as a whole and to determine the effect of changes on a large scale.

Our wind experts have provided insight into the wind climate based on a large number of variations in the geometry of the buildings and optimizations in the landscape. Together with the Amvest design team, they then looked for possibilities to bring the wind climate into line with the performance requirements.

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