Aeroscalder – Marel Poultry

Actiflow, in collaboration with Marel Poultry, optimized a machine for de-feathering poultry.

Marel Poultry B.V. makes high-quality equipment for poultry processing. Actiflow, together with Marel, has optimized a machine for a part in this process, in which airflow is used in an innovative way for scalding poultry.

Requirements Aeroscalder

In the processing poultry, the feathers are removed. In most cases this is done by immersing the product in warm water. This process has been innovated by Marel by flowing the product with warm moist air instead of submerging them.

Actiflow, in collaboration with Marel, has made an improved design of a system of air ducts and air outlets that ensure the correct flow around the product. The challenge was to supply all parts of the product with the correct amount of air. To this end, Actiflow has modeled the product at a high level of detail and simulated them with flow simulations. The designed flow patterns have been virtually tested on different product types, resulting in an optimized system for a wide range of poultry.

The results

Ultimately, Actiflow designed the ideal flow and implemented it in a virtual machine. The simulations performed were supported by measurements with real products, and were found to correspond well with reality. With our expertise in air flow, CFD simulations and product development, we have contributed to the development of an improved alternative to the existing poultry processing techniques.