We’re thrilled to extend a warm welcome to our newest team member, Dr. Nada Piradeepan. With over two decades of expertise in wind engineering and consultancy, Nada brings a wealth of experience to our team.

Senior Technical Expert and Business Development Manager for the UK and the Middle East

In his role as Senior Technical Expert and Business Development Manager for the UK and the Middle East, Nada will spearhead Actiflow’s expansion into the UK market and elevate our business development. One exciting development is the utilisation of a larger environmental wind tunnel for enhanced wind assessments. This advancement allows us to conduct wind assessment on a variety of tall structures and expansive masterplans, utilising wind tunnels based in both the UK and the Netherlands.

Our comprehensive wind assessment services include:

  • Expert opinion/desk study:
    Providing qualitative assessments in the early design phase, drawing on our extensive experience and local meteorological data to advise on the potential impacts of new developments on pedestrian comfort and safety.
  • Quick scan:
    Conducting quantitative assessments through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) during the early design phase, modelling proposed developments and their surroundings as simplified volumes.
  • Online wind tool:
    Access our user-friendly online platform, WindTool, for quick self-assessments. Our team is readily available for support if needed. Visit www.windtool.com for more information.
  • Wind tunnel testing:
    Conducting high-quality wind tunnel tests under official wind microclimate guidelines (e.g., for the City of London or Leeds), suitable for planning applications.
  • Full CFD assessment:
    Undertaking thorough CFD studies using cutting-edge  methodologies aligned with official wind microclimate guidelines (e.g., for the City of London or Leeds), also suitable for planning applications.
  • Environmental Statement (ES chapter) preparation:
    Assisting planning consultants in preparing the Environmental Statement, specifically the wind chapter, following comprehensive wind assessments.
  • Wind Load Calculation According to Eurocode:
    This quantitative assessment estimates wind pressures for straightforward geometries exposed to isolated wind conditions, adhering to the guidelines outlined in Eurocode EN1991-1-4.
  • Cladding Load assessment based on wind tunnel testing:
    Utilising scaled wind tunnel models equipped with numerous pressure taps, cladding pressures are measured. Maximum and minimum pressures are gathered with a return period of 50 years.
  • Quasi-Static Structural Loads based on wind tunnel testing:
    Employing a pressure integration technique, wind-induced pressures are determined. These loads are specified at each floor level and encompass the peak 50-year return period forces in both X- and Y-directions, as well as the peak twisting moments about the vertical building axis.

With Nada’s expertise and our enhanced capabilities, we’re poised to deliver top-tier wind engineering solutions and drive forward our mission of facilitating sustainable and resilient urban development.