Boeing introduced the GoFly Prize in 2017, Their goal is to stimulate the development of single-person aircrafts. With their S1, the Silverwing team from TU Delft was one of the finalists. The S1 is a fully electronic and so-called tailsitter. This means it can take off and land vertically, which means you don’t need a runway. Once at height, the aircraft continues to fly horizontally.

The Silverwing team went to America to perform various tests with the S1. Last week the first test flights with and without tether took place in the open air. Especially the strong wind and unpredictable gusts of wind were a challenge. The results however were encouraging! All this was also recorded by ABC News. View here: Video clip ABC News

For years, Actiflow has supervised various projects by student teams from TU Eindhoven and TU Delft, including the Silverwing student team. As a sponsor we helped them with the aerodynamic design.

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