To ensure that our wind assessment tool is fast and easy to use, the tool has some limitations:

  • The tool can only handle simple 3D building volumes, without façade details or any steps smaller than 1 meter. If you upload a more detailed model, the tool will automatically remove the details, or you will be contacted by us with instructions how to simplify your model
  • No vegetation like trees or bushed can be included in the model.
  • We do not allow for height differences in the terrain. The ground level is assumed to be completely flat.
  • When defining a project, you will be asked to describe the terrain between 300m and 1500m away from your project, in 4 sectors: N-E, E-S, S-W and W-N. In more detailed studies, we would account for the roughness of the surrounding terrain in much more detail, but this would make the input process more complex.

The limitations mentioned above will have an impact on the results of the wind assessment, but for the purpose of the tool (identifying and mitigating risks in an early phase of the development), the effect of the limitations will be relatively small. Risks of wind discomfort or wind distress will be identified in the right regions, which is exactly what you want to know in an early phase of a new development.