The Actiflow Wind Assessment Tool uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to simulate the wind around your project building for 12 different wind directions.

Based on the 3D CAD models uploaded by the user, the tool automatically creates a circular domain centered around the project building, with a diameter of about 3 km.

In this domain, a computational mesh is constructed, consisting out of several millions of volume cells.

At the boundaries of the domain, boundary conditions are imposed:

  • For the ground surface, the user is requested to select the most appropriate description of the surrounding terrain in 4 quadrants. Based on this information, we define a surface roughness
  • At the sides of the domain, we impose an atmospherical boundary layer profile for the wind velocity

The 3D model, the mesh and the boundary conditions are then used to execute 12 CFD simulations (12 wind directions).

The CFD results are then combined with the local wind statistics to calculate exceedance probabilities according to the selected norm/guideline.

Finally, the results are visualized, and the resulting pictures can be downloaded by the user.

During the assessment process, we manually check your input to ensure that it complies with the technical requirements, and we also check the output, to make sure that the CFD simulations have ran successfully. If something goes wrong, we do not charge you any credits.