Eric Terry (director Actiflow BV) takes part in the DatacenterWorks Expert session Digital Twins on behalf of 4DCOOL. This expert session will take place on Thursday 17 June from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM. Various specialists from the market will discuss digital twins in datacenter. Eric Terry, Mohan Gandhi, Head of Research & Policy, SDIA/Green IT Amsterdam and Peter Vermeulen of PB7, moderated by Robbert Hoeffnagel (lead editor DatacenterWorks) will update you on the latest state of affairs.

The digital twin is one of the fastest growing applications of industrial IoT technology. It is also a concept can be perfectly applied in data centers and server rooms. As a complete digital replica of a physical object or installation, the twin acts as a central point in digital communication. Currently, nearly half of organizations working with IoT say they have or plan to use a digital twin.

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DatacenterWorks Expertsessie Digital Twins