Damen Naval Shipyard  has built a highly advanced and unique 160m icebreaker for the Australian government. Actiflow has performed simulations in collaboration with Damen to provide insight into the behavior of flue gases from the exhaust of the ship at different wind directions and speeds. These CFD simulations have been used to determine the best exhaust layout, minimizing precipitation of the flue gases on the ship.

This icebreaker called ‘Nuyina’ will transport researchers and goods to Antarctica. There are several cranes on board to unload and load containers. In addition, the ship is equipped with all kinds of sensors for scientific research. An opening in the hull allows instruments and divers to exit, so that research can also be carried out under the ship, even in adverse weather conditions.

The Australian government is so happy with the ship’s arrival that the Nuyina has already received its own stamp there.


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