Wind comfort

Actiflow, as an expert in wind flow in an urban environment has conducted many wind comfort studies and through their countless conversations with architects, municipalities, planners and investors. As a result, we got broader understanding of the different considerations to create a successful development.

At Actiflow, we would would like to share the knowledge we gained, so relevant parties can have a good understanding of wind flow around buildings and can use this knowledge during the early design phase.

Actiflow intends to regularly organize a masterclass with an open registration. However, it is also possible to arrange in-company masterclass. For more information, please contact us.

Following topics are discussed during the masterclass:

  • Wind in the city: This part will explore behavior of wind in an urban environment and the effect of high-rise buildings and greenery have on the local pedestrian comfort. Moreover, it will provide insight on how a building design can positively or negatively affect wind microclimate around building.

  • Wind comfort studies: This chapter will focus on interpretation of results of a windy comfort study based on either numerical simulation of wind tunnel testing and will provide limitations and advantages of both methods.

  • Wind mitigation measures: Adverse wind conditions at specific location can be alleviated using mitigation measures. This section will explain how to use various measures (e.g. landscaping, canopies, screens) to optimize the building design from the wind engineering point of view.

  • The relationship with other aspects of design: Wind is one of the (physical) aspects that play a role in a design of a building or an urban space. In this section we will discuss relationship between wind and other aspects such as light, noise, urban heat island effect or air quality.

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