Wind loading

in accordance with EN1991-1-4

Wind tunnel study to determine wind loading on buildings.

Wind loading and wind-induced dynamic response of tall buildings have a significant effect in the structural safety of those buildings. Therefore, it is important to know in advance, the amount of wind forces a building needs to withstand. This can be determined either by following the calculation procedure outlined in Eurocode EN1991-1-4 or by using wind tunnel testing. Wind tunnel testing provides an advantage as the testing procedure is not limited to only simple geometries but can handle complex building shapes and surroundings.

Wind tunnel testing compliant with EN1991-1-4

In cases where cladding loads, structural loads or a dynamic response of a building needs to be determined Actiflow offers a wind tunnel study. The study is fully compliant with EN1991-1-4 while taking into account requirements outlined in the relevant National Annex. Results will be delivered as cladding pressures and/or structural loads.  We have wind tunnel facilities at our disposal both in the Netherlands and in the UK.