Wind load

conform EN1991-1-4

Wind study of wind load on buildings.

The local wind load largely determines the structural safety of a building and the strength of the facade. In many situations, relatively simple formulas are used to determine this load. But there are conceivable situations where these formulas are too generic and insufficient. For example, a different building form or a complex environment will quickly lead to a higher wind load (pressure or suction) than the standard indicates.

Wind load in accordance with EN1991-1-4

In such cases Actiflow provides the study for determining the wind load in accordance with EN1991-1-4. This study takes place in a wind tunnel, which contains a model of your building and its surroundings. We determine the maximum wind pressure or wind suction at a large number of measuring points on the building and in various wind directions. We deliver the results in the form of pressure coefficients, as maximum and minimum design wind pressures or as net facade load. This allows you to adjust the structural safety of your building to the local conditions.