Industrial Facilities

Indoor climate control, ventilation, cooling, filtration of pollution or smoke for production halls, etc.

In industrial facilities, the indoor climate can have a large influence on both people and production processes. In some cases, specific production processes require an uncomfortable indoor environment for people. In any case, the smart use of HVAC systems and filter systems is crucial to ensure acceptable conditions for all people and processes involved.

Our Services

  • Actiflow performs flow simulations to visualize the airflow, the temperature distribution and the air quality inside industrial facilities. These simulations can be used for an objective assessment of the working conditions, and the functioning of the HVAC or filter system. If necessary, Actiflow advices on how to change the system to improve the indoor conditions.

  • For suppliers of HVAC and filter systems, Actiflow supports the sales by validating the effectiveness of their products in specific environments.

  • HVAC systems for large industrial buildings usually have large Air Handling Units (AHU) and chillers placed on roofs or in the proximity of the building, interacting with the external environment. Wind plays a crucial role in determining the performance of AHU’s and chillers. At Actiflow we simulate the effect of wind and ambient temperature on the performance of HVAC systems. With the help of CFD simulations, we calculate the pressure exerted by the wind on the building and on different devices, establishing if this has a positive or negative effect on the air handling process. Also, we determine whether ventilation short-circuiting phenomena take place between air inlets and outlets of HVAC systems and we can propose smart solutions for avoiding or mitigating such effects.

Our projects – Industrial facilities