Live Webinar: Introducing the possibilities of PowerFLOW, the next generation Lattice Boltzmann CFD solution

In recent years, not only computational power is growing, but also new CFD solvers like PowerFLOW have been developed with clear advantages over “conventional” Navier Stokes codes. PowerFLOW is based on the technique of Lattice Boltzmann and offers many advantages and is extremely suitable for dynamically simulating gas and liquid flows in an efficient way. PowerFLOW is a new and powerful tool for engineers to simulate real-world problems without compromise.

On October 28, 2021, Actiflow and 4RealSim will introduce PowerFLOW during a live webinar. Eric TERRY, founder and director of Actiflow, demonstrates how PowerFLOW can be used to simulate real-world problems not only in the automotive industry but across a wide range of industries.

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